Press Release - August 2019

(Cambridge, MA) SAFI-Tech’s no-heat SAC305 receives investment from Rhapsody Venture Partners to bring product to market

The electronics manufacturing world has long been searching for a low-heat or no-heat solder solution. Advanced electronics designs with lightweight flexible substrates or sensitive miniaturized components require a dramatic reduction in processing heat while still meeting high operating temperature requirements. SAFI-Tech’s patented platform allows for SAC305, the market standard, to be processed at temperatures as low as ambient.

SAFI-Tech encapsulates liquid SAC305 in a nanofilm that prevents the alloy from solidifying when cooled below its melting point. SAFI-Tech’s no-heat SAC305 alloy is processed at low temperatures and forms the same metallic interconnects as current SAC305 processed at above 260°C. 

Said Carsten Boers, Managing Partner at Rhapsody Venture Partners: “When we first encountered SAFI-Tech two years ago, we were skeptical that you could encapsulate a molten metal with a nanofilm at 230°C, and maintain its liquid form as it was cooled to room temperature. The team has made incredible strides in the past year, the technology works and is robust.”

SAFI-Tech’s platform and IP were developed at Iowa State University by company co-founders Professor Martin Thuo and Dr. Ian Tevis. Rhapsody’s investment follows SAFI-Tech’s significant developments on a no-heat SAC305. Rhapsody is providing funding and is partnering with the executive team to bring the SAFI-Tech solution to market. The company is initiating a roadshow with the goal of forming a consortium of partnerships to make SAFI-Tech’s no-heat SAC305 the new standard in electronics for conductive interconnects.

 Said Professor Martin Thuo and Dr. Ian Tevis, company co-founders: “SAFI-Tech is at a major inflection point in its company growth, and Rhapsody’s investment and partnership is coming at just the right time. Wherever we go, industry veterans are amazed at the capabilities of our technology and the possibilities it enables.”

About SAFI-Tech

SAFI-Tech produces no-heat solders for use in electronics manufacturing and assembly. SAFI-Tech’s alloy consists of tiny supercooled metal particles that are liquid at room temperature. When activated, the liquid metal flows and solidifies, creating full-metal conductive interconnects.  Removing heat from electronics manufacturing enables smaller, thinner, and flexible designs, currently unachievable with standard materials and processes. In addition to enabling fundamental design innovation, the removal of heat creates economic value by reducing manufacturing costs and increasing throughput. Learn more at

 About Rhapsody Venture Partners

Rhapsody Venture Partners is a venture investor in Cambridge, MA that funds early-stage applied science and engineering companies.  Rhapsody’s team works side-by-side with entrepreneurs to engage anchor customers that reduce time-to-commercialization and accelerate growth.  Learn more at



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