Product Description

Liquital 62 is a supercooled liquid metal powder made from SnInBi also known as Field’s metal. Supercooling is the process of cooling a liquid below the point at which it would normally freeze while still keeping it in the liquid state. SAFI-Tech has pioneered the manufacturing of stabilized microparticles of supercooled metal. The microparticles can be ruptured mechanically or chemically to release the liquid metal within to flow liquid metal at much lower temperatures than typically possible.

Liquital 62 is new material that is shipped as a powder metal under a solvent. Please see technical data sheet and example videos for guidance on use of Liquital.

Relevant publications

S. Çınar, I. D. Tevis, J. Chen, M. Thuo “Mechanical Fracturing of Core-Shell Undercooled Metal Particles for Heat-Free Soldering” Scientific Reports 2016 6:21864


Martin Thuo, Ian Tevis ‘Stable Undercooled Metal Particles for Engineering at Ambient Conditions’ US patent application no: 14/9998681


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Under development is Liquital 139, a version made from eutectic BiSn. This new product coming soon will be able to supercool from 139 °C to below room temperature. Please fill out the form below if you would like to get updates on this product.

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