These particles of encapsulated liquid metal will revolutionize many industries as we know it today, leading to better solutions for a better world.


The Next Generation
Metal Repair and Metallic Industrial Coatings


Naval ships at sea, aircraft away from repair facilities, potentially explosive gas pipelines, and other difficult to repair metal objects now have a superior solution.  Liquid metal filler and coatings can repair these objects anywhere and under any conditions.

Metal Repair & Coatings 

New Innovative
Cold Soldering and
Metal Casting Process

Using the liquid metal particles, you can now solder without the use of heat with a much higher degree of precision.  In addition to soldering, there are numerous other ways to use the particles in applications like metal casting, jewelry making, and others.

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3D Metal Printing
And Additive Manufacturing

These liquid metal particles will revolutionize the 3D printing of metallic parts.  This can be done with no heat requirements and at room temperature, which makes it the ideal material for 3D printing and will become the next generation of Additive Manufacturing.

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